Sunday, 27 April 2014

ulta3 Speckled Egg collection swatches and review

ulta3 have stepped up their game yet again, with a set of speckled pastel polishes for Easter. Many of you may recognise the formula of black glitter-filled pastel creme polish, made famous by Illamasqua and imitated endlessly since. The egg-like look is perfectly timed for Easter, and at the low price of $3 (an increase from the old standard of $2, but still undercutting the rest of the market), is pretty damn irresistible. I mean, irresponsible. It's hard to pick up groceries without having a few polishes fall into my cart.

Egg-cellent has a gorgeous pale green. This is my favourite of the collection - the base is perfectly tinted to allow the glitters to show through, without being too sheer, and the larger glitters were easily picked up with the brush. This was three coats.

Hop Pink was also well formulated, with easy-to-pick-up glitters and nice spreadability. It reminds me of watermelon - I'll have to do some watermelon nail art with this soon! This is 2 coats.

Hot Cross Fun is slightly more on the opaque side, but the glitters still show through and there's interesting depth with the creamier base. Application required a little bit of dabbing to make sure the base didn't drag. This was 2 coats.

Bunny Bloom was quite similar to Hot Cross Fun, with a opaque-ish base giving the glitters some soft depth. I'm not a huge fan of pale pinks so this doesn't do it for me, but pink lovers would enjoy it.

Here's where we start getting into problematic formula territory - unfortunate, since this purple was one of the ones I was most excited about! The creme base of Hippidy Hop is just too thick for the large glitters to cling onto the brush properly, and you can see how they're stuck to the sides of the bottle, and once I dug them out with a toothpick, they were quickly covered up by the opaque base. It's not a lost cause - you can thin the polish down with clear polish and a bit of thinner, but it's a bit of a pain to apply straight out of the bottle. For $3 I'm willing to DIY it into a nicer formula, but I do wish it took less effort!

Blue Bunny has a gorgeously rich robin's egg blue base, but it come with the same thick formula woes. Again, it can be fixed with clear polish and thinner. 2 coats.

Overall, this collection is awesome and timely - there are a few hiccups with the formula of two of these polishes, but I'm happy to forgive them due to the incredibly budget-friendly price. It's really nice to see a mainstream brand tackle the speckle look so comprehensively. My picks would be the beautiful Egg-cellent, Hop Pink and Hot Cross Fun.

ulta3's Speckled Egg collection can be found at your local ulta3 stockist and retails for $3 each.

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  1. Mmmmm my favourite is the Hop Pink! Lovely nail swatches!

  2. Egg-cellent is my favourite as well but I really like Bunny Bloom as well. These are SO cute and I was excited for them when I first spotted them on Instagram ... but I never found any :S There was a lone yellow one at a random chemist the other day but none of the colours I was interested in :(

  3. Cute, its a shame the purple is so dissapointing - this was also one I was looking forward to!


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