Valentine’s Day nail art: sweet candy-coloured hearts edition with accidental geekery

I did vampy last week, so now I’m going for sweet! Just a feature nail because I didn’t want to feel diabetic every time I look down:

Gentle hint to the boyfriend as to what I want for V-Day – Laduree macarons please! I know I just mentioned diabetes and I have a pretty good chance of getting type 2… but, FLAVOURS (~50%. Fun fact: if you have one parent with type 2 you have about 50% of getting it, and if both your parents have it you pretty much have 100% chance of getting it. Made you learn! :P).

The polishes I used were ulta3 Pale Dahlia and Hello Darling Butter Wouldn’t Melt for the base, and Bio Sculpture Coral Cove, Hello Darling The First Corsage and Likeomg, and Pale Dahlia for the dots. The dots were a bit of a pain to get into a heart shape – after some trial and error, I worked out that starting from the top and building to the bottom worked well, and using a minimum of 4 colours is easiest to not have the same colour next to each other without too much forward planning (I really should’ve expected this, because of Four Colour Theorem – ha! Made you learn again!).

What are you going to sport on your nails this Valentine’s Day? Vampy, sweet or are you going to ignore the Hallmark holiday altogether?


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    Ahh the learning!! It burnnnssss! Jk, math has got a theory for everything it seems lol. This mani is so sweet, love that pink on you. I was wondering how you got the dots in the heart so perfect, but good to know it was trial and error! Probably would be the same way for me. I will probably go with a sweet mani on vday, even though I won’t celebrate it. I just prefer the look!

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