Friday, 1 February 2013

OPI Oz the Great and Powerful Swatches and Review

First off - yesterday I posted a highly personal post about my experiences with racism in Australia over on Polish or Perish (it started as a post on the prettier of my Australia Day manis) - I don't navel-gaze publicly very often, so if you're into that, don't miss it!

For the upcoming Wizard of Oz reboot Oz the Great and Powerful, OPI have released a soft shades and glitter collection - in fact, one of the biggest glitter collections they've released in a while! I love a good glitter, and luckily, this collection delivers. Without further ado:

Lights of Emerald City - It's obvious I'm going to like this one. It ticks a lot of my favourite glitter categories. Squares? Check! Matte? Check! Iridescent-multichrome? Check! If it also had dot glitter and spectraflair, and was in a squishy jelly base, that would be game over for me.

It contains largeish white squares (2 mm) and smaller 1 mm blue tinted squares which refect orange in most lights but blue-green at more extreme angles.

Over Nubar Boyfriend Jeans:

Over MUD Nudely Now:

It's not an easy glitter to work with - it doesn't spread well, and it's not dense enough to dab into the nail without ending up with a really thick coat. On the bright side, it's not prone to clumping! It's definitely not meant for wearing alone. To the best of my knowledge (I'm prepared to be wrong), this is the first square glitter polish OPI have put out, and possibly the first with matte glitter too, and I'm grateful that they're innovating. I'm also glad they're not chasing the indie glitterbomb rabbit too hard (because we all know that rabbit will never be caught) - this is actually a nice, elegant palate cleanser from the visually complex indie glitters. I love how different it looks on light and dark backgrounds - strikingly graphic over dark, and delicate over light.

Which is Witch - This is a very holo glitter, with four types of silver holo glitter I can discern - big hexes, little specks and tiny dust, as well as really thin bars. It's like a smashed glitterball! The holo, like all holos, is so much more spectacular in real life - all the different shapes are great at capturing a whole lot of colours at once.

Two coats over Cutex Peach Pop:

Over OPI What Wizardry Is This?:

I think this delicate shade works best over softer colours - the silver particles just stand out too much over dark polishes, in my opinion. The soft shades in this collection should work well with this!

What Wizardry Is This? - This has the "Liquid Sand" finish introduced in the Mariah Carey collection (swatched here). In the bottle it looks pretty but boring, like a dark brownish bronze shimmer with a hint of olive, but on the nail, it morphs into something quite different:

It's like a hammered metal finish, which looks amazing on the nail. After the Mariah Carey collection, I thought I'd seen all that Liquid Sand could do, but this is a stunningly understated, but interesting polish that I cannot. Stop. Touching. The three coats I used dried quite quickly (faster than three coats of any other finish I've tried!), and the resulting texture is smoother than the previous glitters - it feels more like rough fabric than fine sandpaper. 

Overall, like many others, I'm very impressed with these three polishes, especially What Wizardry Is This?, which emerged as my surprise favourite. I think I picked the three best shades in the collection, but from what I've seen, the soft shades look like great staple nudes, and the remaining glitter (When Monkeys Fly) is pretty, but the large curling glitter could be problematic.

OPI Oz the Great and Powerful will be available from mid February at selected salons, David Jones and Myer stores, RRP $19.95. For more information on stockists check

This product was provided for review, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.


  1. Replies
    1. They are! :) But then again that's what I think about all glitters!

  2. Wow. "What wizardry is this" is quite unique isn't it?
    I also really like that second glittery combo - it's beautiful!


    1. I'm in love! I think a lot of other polish companies will be releasing similar stuff soon, but at the moment this is unlike anything else I've seen :)

  3. Wow, 'What Wizadry Is This?' is a really pretty, unique finish. How well does it last without topcoat to ruin the liquid sand effect? I'm one of those people who top coats by habit (otherwise I get mega tip wear at work!), so it would take an exceptional polish to kick that.

    1. I'm a habitual top coater too. So far it's lasted over 24 hours with hair washing, but I'll keep this mani on for a while to see how it lasts.

      The good thing about liquid sand is that cos it's bumpy, it hides touch ups well ;)

  4. Which is Witch is crazy! I like it :)

    1. The tiny bars make it so holo-y!

  5. I think I'm going to have to get all the glitters from this collection. I think I like glitters more than actual polish colours.

    P.S. I love that you're a PhD student writing a beauty blog. I'd wished I'd had something like that while I was doing my PhD in Chemistry!

    1. I like the glitters too - nudes are difficult for me, I really have to see them on my nails before I can tell if they work with my skin tone!

      Yay, I love when I find out that scientists read my blog :) It's definitely a sanity-increasing hobby to have!


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