Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Artsy Wednesday: Inspired by the view out your window

I was originally going to have adorable manga-style clouds on my nails for this week's "view out your window" theme, but I ran out of time and got a bit lazy, so here's a very abstractly inspired "Australian summer" manicure to reflect the heatwave that we recently had:

The base is Emily de Molly Ego Friendly, a pastel turquoise crelly with green, turquoise and purple glitter. Those are pretty much my favourite polish colours all together, so I'm loving this shade - it looks a bit like the semi-overcast sky we've had of late. I added a gold gradient to the tips using Hello Darling 24K, a gorgeous pale gold glitter, which looks like the summer sun and beachy sand.

More (and hopefully more inspired!) view out your window manis:


  1. So beautiful! I love the pastel shade and how it looks like an overcast sky as how you've put it. Loving the gradient glitter tips you did as well! I think the pale gold pairs up really well with Emily de Molly Ego Friendly! (really friend polish, eh?) ;P

    Oh, I hope you'd be able to find time to still execute the idea of yours! I would love to see it :D

  2. SO THAT'S what a heatwave looks like ;)
    It's super pretty, Michelle!

  3. SO PRETTY! The base colour is just beautiful! I'm definitely going to recreate this mani :)

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  4. Is this what you were wearing at the meetup? It was so pretty! I need Ego Friendly! :)

  5. Very nice!! You're so arty! Can I participate in Artsy Wednesday too? It looks like fun!


  6. gosh this is really pretty michelle! looks so nice and it's real wearable too which i always like in a mani xx

  7. This is really beautiful I have been admiring the Emily de Molly polishes - I need to put in an order then I am through this next surgery and the follow up chemo. If I have any money left over that is after I pay my portion of all this medical stuff...I have a list of lovely ones I admire from this line. Lovely here with the glitter.

  8. OOOOH Michelle I really love this mani!! ^_^ Ice princessy and fresh! ^_^


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