Monday, 24 December 2012

Orly Hope and Freedom swatches and review - Coachella Dweller and High on Hope

Today I have two shades from Orly's forthcoming limited edition Hope and Freedom collection. It's predominantly a range of pastel shades, with a dark navy shimmer thrown in the mix. They have very hippie names, and the shades remind me of faded 70s psychedelic album covers.

Coachella Dweller is a pale green creme, with a slight yellow tinge. I love it! Green is one of my favourite polish colours, and it's hard to find a good pastel green. This is completely even in 2-3 coats, and self-levels to erase brushstrokes.

High on Hope is a navy shimmer - but the shimmer is multichrome! I think it's very similar to the particles in Space Cadet, but toned down by the creamy dark blue base. The shimmer sticks to the glass, so it's less shimmery on the nails than it looks in the bottle.

Space Cadet (top) and High on Hope (bottom) bottle comparison:

Out of the other shades, I've got my eye on Elation Generation (I can't resist a coral) and Peaceful Opposition (crelly glitter!). Which ones catch your eye?

Orly Hope & Freedom polishes will be on Australian shelves in March 2013 and retail for $18.95. They are 3-free and come with an awesome gripper cap so you'll never have to suffer a stuck bottle cap or a hard-to-hold cap. For stockists, click here.

This product was provided for review, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.


  1. That is an interesting green! Great swatches!

  2. Have not seen this collection yet - I avoided Sally's and really all stores for the past 2 weeks - things were nuts. Maybe by 2 week of Jan I will go take a peek.

    1. I went shopping on the 24th and it was hell! I'd definitely wait...

  3. The green is gorgeous... I love green on nails too and this is just beau-ti-ful *_*

    Th other s are nice, but this green is my no 1 :-) )

    Greetings and Merry Christmas from Germany :-)

    1. I love the green too! Hope it comes out in Germany :)


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