Sunday, 16 December 2012

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Candles

I know candles are a stereotypical entry on the "Generic Girly Gift" list, but I'm incredibly partial to a good scented candle. I firmly believe that if you're going to gift a candle, you should actually put in some effort and get them a good quality candle - if you're heading for the $2 shop or on a tiny budget, you may as well get them chocolate (I may be speaking from experience. Maybe.).

Here are two candles I've tried out recently - both are made with organic soy wax, which presumably burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax (although the sootiest candle I've ever owned is apparently 100% soy). It also comes from a renewable source (soybeans) as opposed to petrochemicals (oil crisis etc). Soy is also handy because it melts quicker, meaning you can flatten an uneven candle easily with a hairdryer! Both are in containers, which I love - after finishing the candle, you can reuse the jars for earring/key/coin/brush/cotton bud storage.

The Lucia 20 Hour Soy Candle comes in the most adorable packaging - a broad-bottomed patterned box with a cute ribbon loop at the top. It almost looks like it could be a Christmas ornament! The candle container is a small tumbler with a sturdy glass bottom, which is thick enough to protect the underlying surface from heat. The scent I received was Thyme Flower and Coriander. The scent isn't as herbal as I was expecting from the name - it smells a bit like jasmine flower, with green overtones. Very more-ish, and not overwhelmingly floral - it's a scent I could sniff for hours! Unfortunately the throw (how far scent spreads) isn't great when it's, which is unsurprising for a small candle, but when it's just sitting there, the scent is amazing. I'd be interested to know how well the 50 hour variety fares.

There are over 12 scents available in the Lucia candle range, and they come in two sizes - 20 hour (RRP $10.95) and 50 hour (RRP $27.95). They can be purchased online here.

I also tried a Wicked Wix Baby Jar candle. These burn for over 15 hours, and come in a jar with a lid, which I love - putting out the candle with a lid stops the yummy candle scent from being covered in smoky stink! I received Sandalwood and Lime, which smells deliciously warm and spicy - not what I usually go for, but very comforting, a scent that's perfect for winter or bedtime reading. The throw is a bit better than for the Lucia candle, but at the same time, it's a more penetrating scent.

There are over 20 scents in the Wicked Wix range. They come in 5 sizes, ranging from 15-110 hours (RRP $12.95-$64.95). Available here.

What are your favourite candles to gift?

Lucia candle was provided for review, which did not affect my opinion. Wicked Wix candle was part of a Lust Have It! Eco Box. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.


  1. these look awesome! i love candles

    1. They are really lovely candles! :) I really regret buying some of my crapper candles, because they just never get used haha.

  2. Hmm that's so strange you had a really sooty soy candle. Do you trim your wicks and only burn for a few hours at a time? Keeping the wicks to ~6mm helps prevent soot, I find.

    That Wicked Wix candle sounds like it smells great!


    1. I trim the wicks, but this one is a mystery - I think it's just got a dodgy wick, and the container shape is a bit weird which could have something to do with it (kind of pear-shaped). It seriously starts getting smoky about 15 minutes after I light it. Maybe I should just cut it up and turn it into wax melts :(

  3. I just finished writing up a post on last minute gifts yesterday. It occurs to me that I didn't even think to include any candles. Oops. I've given my mother an Ecoya one in the past. It was a bit pricey, but the vanilla scent was amazing.


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