Saturday, 22 December 2012

Fruity body wash reviews - Vice & Velvet and Allegra Rhodes

I am not a bath person - the last time I took a bath was when I was staying in a hotel, months and months ago. I'm definitely a shower girl, and I have scent categories of shower gels I like using, with a separate sponge for each type (not crazy I swear).

As it's been warming up, I've been shifting from creamy scents to fruity ones. My favourite at the moment is Vice & Velvet Blushing Phoenix Bathing Whip. Vice & Velvet specialise in richly scented bathing products. While that phrase would normally make my poor hayfever-riddled sinuses scream, their products have caused me no problems so far.

Blushing Phoenix is a swoon-worthy blend of fresh lychee, oolong tea, palmarosa syrup and vetiver. The Bathing Whip is a gently lathering mousse containing glycerin, rice bran oil, shea butter and clay. I know it's made with fresh lychee pulp, but I want this scent in perfume form! I tend to be quite picky with fragrance, but I've wanted to swim in everything I've smelt from V&V - Blushing Phoenix manages to be sweet and fruity, without even nearly verging on cloying.

I've also recently tried out Allegra Rhodes Cherry Blossom Body Wash. The Allegra Rhodes line is also richly scented, made with a higher percentage of perfume to leave longer-lasting fragrance on your skin. Cherry Blossom contains cherry, freesia, musk and amber notes that gives a warm, flowery, feminine fragrance. It's quite fruity when you smell the product, but the fruity scent disappears quickly on the skin, although it lasts a fair bit longer than regular body washes. If you like musk this is for you - my mum loves it, but I wish the juicy cherry note lingered more. There are three other scents currently in the range - Sweet Apple & Grapefruit, Red Lychee and Ocean Mist.

Vice & Velvet Bathing Whips are $9 for 100 mL and can be purchased here. Allegra Rhodes Body Washes are $29.95 for 450 mL and can be purchased here.

I won Vice & Velvet Blushing Phoenix Bathing Whip in a giveaway, and Allegra Rhodes Body Wash was provided for review, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.


  1. I love Vice & Velvet! Still can't get on board with fruity scents, other than very green, zesty citrus, otherwise I feel like I'm bathing in cordial.

    1. I don't think I drink enough cordial for it to remind me of it haha! Definitely need to stock up on V&V...


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