Artsy Wednesday: Glitter Gradient

This week’s nail art topic is glitter gradients. If you know me well-ish, you’ll know I’m fan of the cotton bud/Q-tip glitter gradient method. I decided to do a Christmas manicure for my research group’s Christmas party today. Here’s the result:

Polishes used:

Bases: China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Glittering Garland (classic Christmas polishes!), Orly Flare
Glitter: Hello Darling 24K, Loki’s Lacquer Merry Christmas!

I think it’s Christmassy enough! What are your nail art plans for Christmas?

(Also here’s my favourite glitter gradient of all time:

Have to do this again soon!)

More glitter gradients:

Some products provided for review.


  1. says

    I’ve never tried using a cotton bud for a gradient! Do you get fuzzies in the polish?
    Your Living Daylights gradient is like my favourite gradient ever, too! I want to try it when I get TLD! :)

    • says

      Thanks! :) You get a cotton bud and pick up a bit of glitter off the brush, then dab it onto your nail where you want it. The cotton bud soaks up a lot of the suspension base, which prevents you from having super thick nails at one end of your nail.


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