Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sunscreen-boosted day cream comparison

Sun protection is so important, since it causes both cancer and ageing, but no one wants to introduce a million extra steps in their routine! Here's a comparison of two SPF 15 moisturisers I've had the opportunity to review recently.

Jurlique Anti Ageing Purely Age-Defying Day Cream

Sun protection: SPF 15 (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide)

RRP: $72 for 40 mL

Additional ingredients: buriti oil, red algae extract, ectoin (increases skin firmness and moisture, reduces fine lines)

This cream has a rich texture, and you can barely tell it's got sun protection in it. It smells lovely, like a face cream that's packed with natural ingredients. It's very moisturising and made my T-zone quite shiny, which was luckily controllable with blotting paper. It sinks in very quickly, and smoothes out and plumps up my skin, making it perfect for BB cream application.

Nivea Naturally Even Daily Moisturiser

Sun protection: SPF 15

RRP: $12.99 for 50 mL

Additional ingredients: Eventone Pure Active (evens out skin tone - octadecenedioic acid)

This is a lightweight cream which feels like sunscreen (that heavy feeling and accompanying smell) and like a lot of SPF rated face creams, requires working into the skin, otherwise it dries and balls up on your skin (ew). It sinks it quite quickly though, and is lightweight enough that it didn't leave my face shiny, even though I'm quite oily. I didn't see a noticeable difference in the appearance of my spots, but it does recommend 4 weeks to see results (I used it for 2 weeks). This didn't break me out at all, happily!

Choose Jurlique if you: like natural skincare, hate the smell of sunscreen, want to protect dry skin, have anti-ageing concerns, prefer physical-only sunscreens

Choose Nivea if you: have oily skin, want to minimise shine, prefer a budget-friendly option, want to even out skintone and remove dark spots

Both products were provided for consideration, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy


  1. I cannot leave the door without applying sunscreen. Thanks for the great reviews!

    1. I leave the door, but then I feel soooo guilty!

  2. Great reviews! I apply sunscreen every time I leave the house. I actually kinda like being pale ;)


    1. I wish I was pale! I'm just trying to prevent my freckles from going out of control :(

  3. Suncreen every day here, and I may have to try the nivea product, I have oily skin and a lot of suncreens make that worse!

    1. I agree - the oil slick look is so unpleasant! I've also been using a Maybelline powder which mattifies very effectively.

    2. What one is it? Is it a secret powder? (;

  4. I'm considering Nivea for my daily use. When not much exposure from sunrays.

    ~ Sweetstrings

  5. I have very sun sensitive skin and I love Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF 15, mixed with a few drops of rosehip oil.

  6. First I need to tell you how much I love your reviews--the writing style, the science--all of it! It's also enjoyable to hear about the "other" hemispere too-very global, yes! I am wondering now what your take is on how to layer sunscreen and the other products on our face. Does putting moisturizer OVER sunscreen get in the way of the sunscreens benefits? And can the moisturizer actually penetrate the skin if you are using a sunscreen that is more physical than chemical?


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