Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bellabox and Lust Have It! - September comparison

I haven't posted about sample boxes before, although I've subscribed to a few since early this year. Sample subscription services are a great way to try out new products cheaply, conveniently and hygienically. Bellabox and Lust Have It!, two of the most popular services in Australia, will send a box to your doorstep each month filled with 5-6 beauty goodies for the low price of $15. Most are sample-sized, with a couple of full sized products mixed in sometimes. Additionally, they often come with a voucher or two for various e-tailers.

To help compare the two boxes, I've listed the contents along with the calculated value of the sample sized product when it's easily calculated, based on the RRP and size of the full product. I've also calculated the overall value of each box, along with the value of products that I'll personally get a lot of use out of (products marked with an asterisk).

What's in each box?


*Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel 10 mL ($1.25) - facial cleanser
*Bioderma Sebium Akn Purifying Corrective Care 5 mL ($4.16) - exfoliating spot treatment
You, Me & Everybody Sumptuous Skin Mousse 75 mL (full size, $13.99) - foaming all-over moisturiser (looks like whipped cream - I'd love to use it but it smells and feels weird to me)
*Savior Faire Concealer Kit ($?) - 4 concealers and 2 finishing powders
Uspa Beehold 30 mL ($6.40) - hair styling product
*Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream 3 g ($6.86) - eye cream

Total value (excluding concealer): $32.66
Total value of stuff I'm probably going to use properly: $12.27 + concealer

Bonus voucher: $15 off at The Iconic, minimum spend $60

Lust Have It! (Bold and Beautiful):

*Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque 15 mL ($15.20) - replenishing mask
*Davroe Smooth Senses Straightening Balm 50 g ($5.63) - smoothing creme that provides hold and shine for blowdrying
*Avene Cold Cream 10 mL ($0.90) - moisturiser for dry skin
Mirenesse Ace of Base concealer 1.5 mL ($11.67) - 3-in-1 concealer, eyeshadow primer and line minimiser
*Say It With Scent Green Tea hand and body lotion with mandarin and lime oil 30 mL ($4.02)

Total value: $37.42
Total value of stuff I'm probably going to use properly: $25.75

Bonus vouchers: free full-sized Davroe product (pay $9.50 shipping only - I've redeemed this which theoretically adds $13 value to the box), Dermalogica facial worth $99

Both boxes are great value for money. This month, both are also skincare-heavy which is great for me, but some months have more make-up products. Both boxes are affiliated with some great drawcard brands. As well as being great to try out, the sample sized products are very handy for travel, and conveniently, both boxes have websites which tell you where to buy the full-sized versions of the products you like.

Bellabox has one full sized product, which is great if you like it, bad if you don't (I didn't this month). The box it comes in is beautifully sturdy but small, which is handy - it's the perfect size for me to store my necklaces, as previously demonstrated.

Lust Have It! samples come in a handy make-up bag - I've built up quite a collection of these, but surprisingly it hasn't been difficult to find uses for them! I've used them as make-up bags, camera cases, toiletries bags, pencil cases, first aid kits and lolly stashes. But I think they'll have to switch to something else soon, I can see these feeling properly wasteful after a while.

I've also just subscribed to Lust Have It!'s Eco Box, after seeing Omega's review - I have to admit, it was the candle that swung me. I have the WORST candle addiction. It might be worse than my polish addiction. I'll have to write about it here sometime!

Do you have a favourite subscription box? Or are you over the whole thing?

Bellabox was provided for editorial consideration, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy. I bought my own annual subscription to Lust Have It! from Ozsale, which has been very much worth it so far. Lust Have It! sponsored Beauty Bloggers Utopia, and founder Nicki took us to see Legally Blonde The Musical, but that didn't change my opinion of the product, only my opinion of trained dogs scurrying across stages (keeeyyyyyy-ewt!)


  1. great comparison! Funny little disclosure at the bottom! Cheeky haha I really have to get onto some of those subscriptions but I don't use eye cream and anti-wrinkle stuff so I don't know if it's worth it :S

    1. I pass all that stuff onto my mum ;)

  2. I was signing up to these when they all first launched but I went into product overload a few months in and cancelled them all! I saw Omega's post of the Eco Box and it tweaked my interest so I may consider signing up for it.

    1. I only have LHI now, they had a deal for an annual subscription on Ozsale which came with a $50 Ozsale voucher, and since I'm an Ozsale addict regardless it was great value for me. I'm undergoing product overload at the moment though, it's annoying how I onnlly have one face to try things on! :P

  3. Nice job comparing the two. I'm not Australian, but I do like subscription services, though I'm picky about them. I currently only subscribe to Beauty Army and Julep, and I like these because they let me skip any month I don't want, and they give me some choice about what I get in my boxes.

    Beauty Army boxes are nice and like you I'm re-using mine (lip product storage) ^_^

    1. Beauty Army and Julep are the two North American ones that I keep hearing good things about! Hope they export soon :(

    2. I hope so too, I know a lot of people who are international and jealous >:

      I also hope more beauty subs adopt basic practices like being allowed to skip or customize (even just a little).

  4. I wanted to get into subscription boxes, but they just seem like So.Much.Effort. I have enough full size products to get through as it is.


    1. I got into them because they're so little effort haha! Just subscribe and wait for the pretties to come...

      I need a puppy in my life. NEED. Multiple puppies actually. One of my dance teachers recently got a rescue puppy and it is the cutest clumsiest thing ever... it fits in her handbag! And it was being held by a hot black guy, it was GUH.

  5. I didn't realise we have beauty box subscriptions available in Australia! Will have a look at them in more detail now.

    I'd like to invite to join the Bosisto's giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2012/10/bosistos-lavender-giveaway.html


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