Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Fishtail Braid

Today's Artsy Wednesday theme is fishtail braid nails. I've wanted to try this out for a while, but it seemed so messy - I'm glad I tried it though!

Base colour is Nicole by OPI City Pretty Rose, braid is ulta3 Metal and Black Satin.

For a good braid, you want very opaque colours (preferably one-coaters) but unfortunately the black showed up under City Pretty Rose so I had to do some mangling with an art brush.

It's a pretty fun look, but annoyingly the braid makes the polish quite thick at the free edge.

I hadn't tried out City Pretty Rose even though I'd had it in the untrieds box for about a year - it's bright but not quite hot pink, and quite flattering on my skin!

Are you going to try this look?

More Artsy Wednesday fishtail nail art:

Note our new member, Emily of An Accent Nail! We expect great things from her... no pressure :P


  1. I love the colors you chose, and I agree abut the mane layers towards the tip :)

  2. I actually do not experience any thick nail polish problems at the end when I do this design! But then again...I have midget nails...

  3. love the colours and the accent gives it a nice twist! Great job michelle :)

  4. Fab colours! I love this weeks theme! So much fun! :D

  5. I like this colour combination! :)

  6. Nice contrast here...I used untrieds in mine as well

  7. Fish tail braids involve too much time and patience that I do not have, but its one of my favorite looks right now. So I'll appreciate and admire it on everyone else :)

  8. I so want to try this! I love the colors you did it in!
    I've nominated you for the one lovely blog award... you can see more about it on my blog

  9. That looks gorgeous, great work!!!



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