Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge Day 7: Peita's Polish plus special guests

Some of you might have noticed my new blog layout - in fact, some of you may have been unlucky enough to visit while it was a horrific mess. It took me freaking forever, and I'm still not completely done fiddling with it... let's just say, it won't be changed again for a good while.

Finally, to round up this week of Aussie polishes, an Aussie indie! This is from a line created by a Brisbane lady called Peita, and is fittingly called Peita's Polish. This black-and-white Connect the Dots style polish is called Zebration. I've been lusting after CtD for a while, so I grabbed this without hesitation! Peita kindly resent it when it got lost in the mail - excellent customer service is always a bonus :)

Here it is, over Sportsgirl Hot Tropic (green creme with almost non-existent blue shimmer, previously swatched here) and Kit Shop Loves Sunset (coral pink creme, previously swatched here):

How funky is it? I think I'll be rocking this black-and-white glitter on neon look all summer :)

Here it is, in front of my zebra print slanket (yes I have a slanket... two actually. My house is cold. Judge if you will, but I will be warm and encased in a pocket of lovely fluffy goodness. HA!):

If you want to get Zebration on your nails, Peita sells it through Etsy here, along with a host of other gorgeous shades and glitterbombs.

Well, that rounds up The Great Aussie Polish Challenge - phew! I hope you Aussie chicks now know what brands to look out for, and my international readers know what to ask for in swaps (and if you still don't know, check out the other girls' blogs below for more amazing Aussie polish swatches).

Science and skincare fans - don't worry, skincare and science will be back with a vengeance next week :)

Also - are you an Aussie nail fan who missed out on joining our challenge? Join our Aussie Nails Facebook page for lots of talk about... buying polish, mainly.


  1. i love how you wore this! i might have to steal your idea :-P

  2. Jeez that's a insane look, reminds me of the opening credits of an early 90's kids program in the best possible way.

  3. @Jacqueline - do! It's so cheerful :)

    @Michaela - OF COURSE in the best possible way :P Have you seen Yo Gabba Gabba? My sister made me watch it... it's strange. Very strange.

  4. Looks great, thanks, beautiful mani!!!

  5. Gorgeous! I love my bottle of Zebration too.

  6. I love your choice of base colours! Zebration is gorgeous!

  7. I am also lemming Connect The Dots but I think Zebration can cure that! It's such an awesome name! :)

  8. @Peita - thank YOU for quashing my lemming! :)

    @Debbie - it's a gem.

    @Osiris - thanks! I've worn it for four days, which is a record :)

    @Nicole - thank you, it's cheering me up immensely! It's suddenly gone sunny again, so I think my mani may have magical powers...

    @PrettyPurplePolish - it's the perfect name! Hope it fixes your lemming :)

  9. If ever I was lemming a CTD ..then this would fit the bill :) Looks great over your neon mani!

  10. That looks fabulous! great colour choices.

  11. What a smash polish, and I love the colours you layered it with! Definitely bookmarking her shop. :D


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