Saturday, 25 August 2012

Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar

I've always been really bad at waxing - so much of the time I simply can't be bothered waxing and just reach for the razor instead. There are half-used jars of wax all over my bathroom, from every brand imaginable. The latest one I've tried though, might just get me out of this bad habit, just in time for spring and dresses: Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar. It's newly launched in Australia, and it's suitable for all areas of the body. the ingredients are all-natural and non-toxic, and it tastes like sugar. I know this because I licked it. For science! (Of course.)

To use it, you just need to heat the wax until it's the consistency of honey, spread a very thin layer on the desired area in the direction of hair growth with one of the included spatulas, then press a cotton strip on it and "zip" it off in the other direction ("zip" sounds a fair bit better than "rip" I guess...).

Getting the wax runny only takes about 20 seconds on high in the microwave. I found that the wax also retains heat far better than any other wax I've tried - I finished waxing my legs and eyebrows without having to reheat it, which is great because my bathroom is upstairs from the microwave, and I am not a seasoned waxer! There's also a STACK of cotton strips included - great for people who stuff up a lot (i.e. me).

I also found that this product doesn't hurt as much as the waxes I've used in the past - whether it's because the chamomile is soothing, or because it's formulated to stick less to skin, I'm not sure. But it stuck to hair surprisingly well - even a few hairs as short as 1 mm came out! I'd like to attribute it to my mad waxing skillz but... I have none *sigh*

The body sugar also comes with a little vial of azulene oil - this is extracted from chamomile and has anti-inflammatory properties (in other words, makes your skin less red and painful after the "zipping"). It's disturbingly blue, but that's because azulene itself is an intense cobalt colour - I actually synthesised some in undergraduate chemistry labs! :)

- Heaps of strips! (20)

- Super quick to warm (20 seconds in the microwave)
- Can use it all over
- Water soluble = easy cleanup - just jump into the shower afterwards. I wash the strips in the shower too, literally takes seconds.
- Soothing azulene oil included

- Like with all waxes, works best on longer hair

So will this be the end of razor burn for me? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

(Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar has an RRP of $12.99, and is available nationwide at Priceline. Provided for review by PR.. For more information see Disclosure Policy.)


M Guarrera, L Turbino and A Rebora. The anti-inflammatory activity of azulene. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2001, 15, 486.


  1. This sounds good, I've never seen the blue stuff before lol!

  2. Funny; "the blue stuff" comes with every home waxing kit you can buy here in North America.

  3. @Rachel and minandmegs - I can't say I've checked exhaustively, but it hasn't been in any of the kits I've seen in Australia. I've noticed that a lot of mainstream American brands (e.g. Sally Hansen) have an azulene oil product though.

  4. hahah when i was little i used to eat my moms wax because it tasted so good!

  5. @LittleMonsterx14 - Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  6. Haha! I love that you licked it! I probably would too if I came across a product with "sugar" in the name. :)

    1. I honestly couldn't help it... it tasted like toffee :)

  7. I will need to look for this product. I prefer waxing to shaving but salon waxes are so expensive. Thank you.

  8. Will be buying this :D the very first wax I had was done by myself with Veet ready-wax strips and BOY did they fail me - I've been quite wary ever since. I also got it done by a 'professional' with similar results. I think I'll do this tomorrow - the fact that it's water soluble is a MASSIVE plus for me because I get stuff everywhere xD


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