Sunday, 19 August 2012

Beauty Bloggers Utopia Wildcard Challenge: "Recreate Yourself" FOTD

On September 29 & 30, Beauty Bloggers Utopia is happening, and the invite list is incredibly selective. Since my blog was just a wee baby when applications happened, I didn't expect to be able to go, but Makeup Utopia announced a FOTD challenge to apply for the last two wildcard tickets. The theme is "Recreate Yourself".

For my entry, I decided to stray away from the tried-and-true fresh-faced minimalistic thing I've been rocking for, like, the past 8 years, and go for a glammer look - something I'm not comfortable with at all! Especially considering how I only just started learning how to use eyeshadow last week, this was a proper challenge! This was the result - apologies for the stray hairs and stuff, we're not allowed post-processing for this challenge so all I've done is crop out bookshelves on the sides:

...but not the Snoopy plush collection my mum insisted on getting!

My right shoulder is super interesting!

I have my hair out, for once! Since I've been labbing for the past 4 years, this has been a massive no-no (long hair + spinning machinery = ouch). I even trimmed my fringe for this, and got out the straightener ;) I've found that too flat hair makes me look funny, so I tried to leave a bit of volume.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 + MAC Studio Tech in NC25 + MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC25
Clinique blush in Extra Clover

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold and Painted Purple
then gold shadow from Rimmel Colour Rush Urban Beach Quad and purple shadows from BYS Smoke and Mirrors and an Amuse 36 colour palette, brown shadow from NYX Champagne and Caviar palette for crease and white shadow from C&C for highlights
Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris (slightly winged)
Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof in Very Black
Ardell DuraLash Flare in Short Black and Medium Black, stuck on with Duolash Dark-tone

Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip Gloss - this changes with the pH of your lips - had to keep a bit of science in here!

Total: 16 products
Usual: 3. I'm not kidding. Blush, lip tint and eyeliner is usually all I can be bothered to do. 

As a reminder, this is how I usually look:

Well not really. I usually look 14.

And in nerd mode:

Oh yeah! Thumbs up for the computer that won't go online anymore for some reason! .

And here is my new look:

I look nice here! I think. I can't tell anymore, I took 274 photos and I went through every single one.

Hey, there's something amusing down there, how convenient. (Hint: it's the Snoopy collection I moved to the floor.)

The dress I'm wearing is part of my H&M haul from Hong Kong - this was the dress that finally sent me broke. Worth every cent!

Obligatory duckface shot:

I'm trying to blow a kiss but I think my mouth looks just a tad sneerish. For some reason most of the photos I took looked kinda bitchy. Is bitchy my default now? I hope not :(

I realise that most of the other ladies entering have been doing this makeup thing for way longer than I have (ummm.... 2 weeks? ha) but I'm glad I gave it a shot! What do you think? Did I manage to "Recreate Myself"?


  1. You did! But my favorite part is, I like both the before and the after.

  2. Looks great! And I especially like the duckface shot. It makes your lips look so full and your cheekbones positively chiseled! I've added you to be considered by our judges :)

  3. You look gorgeous! Great job!

  4. Gorgeous before and after!

  5. You are a very adorable looking nerd.

  6. Well HELLO there Little Miss Hottie!

  7. you look amazing! So gorgeous, you stunner!

  8. You look great both ways! Lol not bitchy face?!? I literally rolled around laughing at that one. I get that a lot too though it's really not true. I know sometimes when I'm thinking I tend to frown and this creates that "bitchy" face, but if you come up and talk to me it melts instantly ;) Great job hun and I really love your bangs!

  9. You look awesome! You can come and do my makeup anytime you're free :-)

  10. @Rae - I'm sitting here in my daggy lab get-up and thinking - is that even me? :)

    @Sara-May - I guess duckface is popular for a reason!

    @Shannon-Lee - Thank you!

    @Stacey - Thanks... my ego is getting a workout ;)

    @maryse - I love that nerd photo - I've always hated wearing glasses before but my new ones are cool :)

    @Stef - We have the same name!! *squee* :P

    @Mel - Thanks hun! xx

    @Lacquer Lockdown - I think bitchy is my "awkward posing" face... my usual expression is probably more "lost"! I think my bangs will have to go soon, they're a major contributor to my 14 year-old look...

    @Miss Directions - I've only just recently managed to stop stabbing myself in the eye, but if you're brave and don't mind coloured eyeballs, I'm game! :P

  11. You look great! I also usually stick to minimalist make up. Good luck!! :)

  12. Great look! I've entered as well, sadly I didn't duckface (regretting it now!) haha. I think this looks great on you, though I do like nerd mode a lot as well :) Emma x

  13. Gorgeous! And what a recreation!

  14. You are so adorable! And gorgeously glam with the makeup. :)

  15. @EmmaBovary - ooh! *runs off to look*

    @minandmegs - Thank you!

    @Pink Pamalamma - *blushes* I can barely recognise myself to be honest!

  16. Wow way to jump into the deep end! I started learning how to use eyeshadows last summer and my first time I did not blend enough and I ended up looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show >.< I think you did a much better job than I did my first time >.<

  17. Awhh you look lovely! I love the makeup :]


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