Sunday, 19 August 2012

7 Days of Eyeshadow - Part 1

So, as I've mentioned previously, I'm not well versed in the ins and outs of "interesting" makeup/warpaint. I've been sticking to the same everyday look for the past... well, forever. But a girl has to start somewhere, so I challenged myself to try out a new eyeshadow look every day for 7 days (not necessarily wear out of the house).

This was my first attempt at being creative with eyeshadow - these are the ones that turned out more "wearable" during the daytime. Being a novice, I also stupidly took photos before putting on mascara/falsies most of the time! So please excuse that sloppiness and try to imagine that there are luscious Bambi lashes there (diamonte on the ends if you prefer), thank you.

1. Subtle brown - this is mainly just a darker version of my natural eyelid colouring:

2. Taupe - inspired by Jen of My Funny Valentine - her blog is one of my favourites, and in part inspired me to start my own blog :) She always does such nice things with taupe:

3. Muted green - annoyingly I think this is the same colour as my veins, and brings them out more. I probably could've also gone a bit harder with the blending brush:

I was pretty happy with the first two looks, and I'll probably revisit them in the future - not so happy with the green, but since I love green I'm determined to work out some way of slapping it on that won't make me look like Morticia Addams. But zombie is in now, right?



  1. This is a pleasant change!

  2. These look great, what did you use? xxx

  3. @Nicole - it is, isn't it? :) I was getting a bit bored with seeing my nails all the time, as much as I love polish!

    @Amy - I'm thinking of maybe featuring some in FOTD posts, I'll post the products then :)

  4. I like number 2 on you. I always try to put some colour under my eye but then I have no idea what I'm doing and take it off. :P

    1. I'm planning to wear that one more often :) Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing either but I'm a bit more determined and strategic about building up some skillz this time! :)


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