Friday, 6 July 2012

BYS Colour Change - Blue

Oh boy! I'm a massive fan of special effects in my polish, and this is pretty much the most fun I've had with my nails in a while... BYS Colour Change in Blue. When warm, it's a pretty jade/turquoise, but when cold, it turns a medium blue. The best thing is that it's always changing - the combinations are pretty endless. So far I've seen:

Jade nail, blue French tips (taking my warm hands out into a cold room)
Blue nail, jade French tips (blowing my freezing cold hands with a hairdryer for not-long-enough)
Gradient with jade at the base and blue at the tips (the most common - e.g. warm hands, cool draught)
Blue nails jade spots (resting my nails on a warm mug of tea on a cold night)
Jade nails blue spots (resting nails on a beer glass in a warm pub, splashing cold water on my nails)

Also, your fingers can all be completely different, and you can get a whole hand of blue and the other hand will be green!

More fun swatches:

French tip blue:

Completely jade:

I spent a good four days looking down whenever I felt warm or cold to see if my nails had changed colour, and touching anything warm or cold I could get my hands on! :)

What's the funnest mani you've ever worn?


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  2. That's awesome, just bought two because they look so cool!

  3. This is such an awesome polish!

  4. oh my this is a funky polish!! I kept admiring how long your nails were and that's when i realise they were colour changing lol

  5. i really need a polish like this, it looks so fun!

  6. I love color-changing polishes. I have a few myself but I love how this one changes and looks like the perfect gradient! :)

  7. So cool!! Gradient without the work! :)

  8. This is awesome :) too bad that nobody around here sells mood changing polishes

  9. Looks so beautiful! and looks great on you :]

  10. This one is really nice, I wore the Purple/Pink one over the weekend :)

    1. I'm sending the purple/pink overseas in a swap package soon... the recipient has really long nails, can't wait to see it on her!

    2. It was mostly pink on my short nails. Tiny hint of purple at the tips.

  11. WANT! Where do you even get BYS from nowadays?


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