Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Inspired by Music

Hurray, another Artsy Wednesday! I have so much fun designing and painting my nails for AW every Wednesday, and seeing what everyone else came up with :)

This week the theme is inspired by music. My nails are inspired by Die Antwoord, a South African "rap-rave" group who are an incredible mix of hilarity, sex and politics. They're a bit offensive and not for everyone. Here are my nails:

And here is the video that inspired them:

For my nails, I started off with a base of ulta3 Lily White and sealed it off with topcoat. Then I drew all over my nails with marker and finished with more topcoat. No smudges, win! :)

I also performed a ninja-inspired dance to this song at a recent amateur night held by my dance studio. I'll be posting my makeup look and a video when the professional photographer there on the night uploads his photos :)

Wonder what the other girls did...


  1. Oh wow, they are so cool! I hated the song, but the nails look awesome :P xx

  2. looks awesome!!! curious what kind of marker do you use?

  3. So using markers and sealing them with a topcoat works? This'll make me much more prone to doing nail art!

  4. This is brilliant Michelle, in every aspect - love it!

  5. I didn't listen to the song but the nails look really cute! I've never seen anyone use marker on their nails! Awesome!

  6. That's so cool...I can't wait to try the Marker method! Great manicure

  7. Aaaah I love this! I recently started listening to Die Antwoord and I am hooked :3

  8. OMG you did Die Antwoord! I love them!!! I bought tix to see them in Aug! love the mani!

  9. This is awesome! Love the inspiration and the video. I can't wait to see your dancing too!

  10. I must know because I was discussing this with my trainer the other day, did you use a regular permanent marker?? We were totally wondering if that would work and stay when we add a topcoat lol. Oh and I totally need to check out this music...when I'm not at work. Never heard of rap-rave before...

  11. The ninja inspired dance sounds incred! Wish there was a video of that :P xxx
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  12. never heard of them but detail and monochrome design is fab! xxx

  13. @Natalie - Thank you! :)

    @Kerker - non-permanent water soluble marker, I'll do a post on it soon!

    @Leah - it actually depends on the marker and topcoat... took me a while to find a good combo!

    @Maria - Thanks lovely :)

    @Polish AMOR - Glad you liked them!

    @Elissa - I haven't either, and when I tried on a nail wheel it smudged something horrific, but I found a marker which works now :)

    @POLiSHED*GENiUS - Thanks! :)

    @Lexie - I couldn't stop listening to them for a month when I found them!

    @Jacqueline - Hee! I can't take credit though!

    @Ms Lizard - That sounds awesome! I hope they come back here soon, I've heard so many good things about their live show!

    @PrettyPurplePolish - Thank you! I have no idea what half of them are though... marshmallows on sticks?

    @Lacquer Lockdown - Thanks! I have one video but the quality is terrible, hoping that the second video is a bit better!

    @sandipalien - All the permanent markers I tested smudged like crazy! I used water soluble marker.

    @Pickle - There is, but I'm hoping a better one will surface soon!

    @Catrine - Thanks hun! xx


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