Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Happy Easter + Announcement!

Hi ladies! Some of you who follow Polish or Perish may know that I've recently become a PoP contributor. This means that I'll be posting one or two manis a week over there, but since PoP is mainly a swatching blog, all the beauty science will stay here. Artsy Wednesday posts will also be posted here, and some of the crazier nail art.

My first post with a lot of stuff about me, and a stripey mani are up there now, take a look?

I hope you all had a good Easter - I'm a bit fluey now but otherwise mine was great :)


  1. Awesome news about PoP, congratulations! =) This is such a cheerful mani - hope it helps you get better soon!

  2. It looks great :D
    Super color :)


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