Inaugural FOTD – Everyday Makeup


I’ve never been really into makeup, but I’m turning 25 in July (eek) and I realise that my crazy-makeup-looks-chic-and-not-scary days are numbered, so I’ve decided to start experimenting with what my boyfriend calls “facepaint”. First off, I’m posting what my “normal” face looks like, with minimal photoshopping (contrast adjustments, cropping etc.). Now, I love my…

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Q&A: What’s the difference between a whitehead and a blackhead?


Q: What’s the difference between a whitehead and a blackhead? A: Your skin is covered in tiny sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum, a substance which moisturises your skin. When these get clogged with plugs of sebum and keratin, you break out and get whiteheads and blackheads, which are a type of acne that is not…

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Artsy Wednesday: Inspired by shoes


Another Artsy Wednesday! Here is my mani: And these are the shoes they were inspired by, my going-out shoes. They are so, so awesome. Basic arithmetic: glitter + metallic + wedges + padded ball = amazeballs. They’re super comfortable, and high enough to make me average-height. I have another pair in blue. Don’t judge me….

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Review: A’kin Rosehip Oil


I haven’t written a proper review in a while, but this inspired me to write one. My first experience with rose hip oil was half a bottle that my mum gave me. I wasn’t impressed at first – funny smelling orange oil in an old crusty bottle. But my skin was crappy from years of…

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NOTD: Glitter ice cream sandwich (candy mani)


I’ve never tried a jelly sandwich before, and I’ve been lusting after Revlon Whimsical, so I thought I’d put a milky sheer polish over some glitter to quell the lemming. Since the jelly is creamy, does this make it… an ice cream sandwich? For the sheer polish, I mixed two different purple cremes (ulta3 Berry…

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