Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Review: TBN Fluoro Nails, Pt 2

Read Part 1 here.

Second round of swatches! I forgot to mention in the first part that they all apply smoothly and the brushes are fantastic - nice and big and good at holding onto polish.

Unfortunately I had to take these under a fluorescent light, but I adjusted the colours later to reflect the actual colour of the polishes.

4. Zinger - Neon orange

This is a proper neon orange! The first coat goes on a bit yellow. Very summery colour! 3 coats on bare nail (middle + pinky), 2 over white (index + ring).

5. Kermit - Medium-dark jade green

Kermit gives really good coverage! 2 coats over white (index + ring), 2 coats on bare nail (middle + pinky). It applies quite evenly too, and thinly, which definitely helps with the drying time. This one dries properly with Seche Vite :)

6. Rain on My Parade - Medium blue

This one gives good coverage too, and less layers = faster drying with these! I actually bought the collection mainly for this colour. 2 coats over white (index + ring), 2 coats on bare nail (middle + pinky).There's a tiny bit of visible nail line without the white base, but it's barely noticeable from most angles.

I've found that the best way to deal with these, in terms of reducing drying time and dealing with the soft/pliable dried texture, is to sandwich a couple of layers in between a white base (I used ulta3 Lily White) and a quick-dry topcoat (I used Seche Vite). They're pretty good for frankening though, especially with pastels where only a few drops of these are needed. I frankened a good version of Maz-Arati (the neon green) with ulta3 Lily White and Honoluu, and it dries nicely with only a slight change in colour. Win!

All in all, I'm happy I bought them - I make so many frankens that new base colours are always welcome, and I definitely intend to reuse the bottles! As well as the awesome thick brushes, they're huge - the size of OPI bottles, and triangular! I love non-round bottles :)


  1. these are so pretty! cant wait to see some frankens

  2. I love the blue!

    I've tagged you in the 11 Question's tag:

    1. The blue is great! I'll be using it soon in a proper mani I think!

      Ooh thanks! :)

  3. I love the orange and the blue!

    1. They're so happy and summery! <3

  4. That green is fabulous! Your blog is just like mine- versatile. I like i :)


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