Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Pink nails

Hi everyone! Holly from Hooked!, Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish and I have decided to start doing a once-a-week nail art challenge, Artsy Wednesday - today's theme is pink nails. If anyone wants to join, shoot me a comment or email and we'll add you to the list!

This is a frankenpolish that I made using a bunch of glitter polishes and loose glitter, in a red jelly base (it's technically a light red, but I think it's pink enough to qualify!). I wasn't too impressed with it in the bottle, but then I put it on my nails... oh my!

These photos really don't do it justice - it wasn't really sunny enough to see the full holo glory. It has three sizes of holo glitter, and fine red glitter, and several types of silver glitter. It has a lot of depth - my camera spazzed out a bit trying to photograph it, and even looking at it in the shade I could feel myself going cross-eyed. But I couldn't stop staring at it...


To add a bit of art to the nail art, I stamped it with a leopardskin pattern and sealed it with Seche Vite. Yum!

Now the question is: what should I call it? :)


  1. so cute! I'd call it "Material Grrrl"

    1. That's a good name! I might go with something more sciencey though :\

  2. Love it :D Not sure what to call it though :P I like the "Material Grrrl" from the above comment!

  3. Nice! I'd love to join, but I'm already doing the one year challenge on Wednesdays so I don't have the time, hehe. I'm gonna enjoy following you though!

  4. I agree with LittleMonster!

  5. I'd like to join this please..looks fun, and my friend has been doing it this year


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