Sunday, 22 January 2012

Versatile Blogger Award and final bridesmaid nails!

Recently I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award by Alana of Pretty Purple Polish, whose lovely blog is here. Thank you so much! :)

When given the award, you have to:
  1. List 7 things about yourself
  2. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers

Here are 7 things about me:

- This is what I look like (when in a bear jumper) if you're curious (and some of my science textbooks are in the background too!):

- I'm Chinese, but as you can see my eyes aren't as slanty as in the Lab Muffin header haha - my boyfriend drew slanty eyes on a picture of me once and it stuck!

- I'm a bit of a homebody, I need time at home by myself to feel balanced. My boyfriend is almost the exact opposite of me - he loves outdoor adrenaline sports! He keeps trying to convince me to skydive (unsuccessfully so far, I'm chicken).

- My other hobby apart from nail polishing is pole dancing! A lot of people are shocked when they hear this, but when done right it's a beautiful, graceful dance form. It's changed me so much! It's given me a lot more confidence, and improved my posture, as well as "accidentally" making me fit. Please ask if you're interested in starting!

- I also dabble a bit in personality psychology, just for a bit of fun :)

- Doing a PhD has given me a few opportunities to travel, and I loved it! So far I've been to Germany, the Czech Republic, Amsterdam, Norway, Japan and Hong Kong.

- I eat the top of meat pies first, then I eat most of the insides and peel the "bowl" away in strips.

It turns out it's quite hard to find 15 bloggers who haven't got this award yet! So I'm sorry if you've already gotten the award before! I've only listed 10 blogs that I love - the last 5 spaces are reserved for anyone who would like it, let me know!

1. Making Up 4 My Age
2. Nailside
3. The Khromazone
4. Nails in the Desert
5. C.L.M.'s Nail Art Blog
6. Nail Juice
7. Glitta Gloves
8. Vintage Musings of a Modern Pin-Up
9. Life and Polish
10. Love Vulcanella

And this is the manicure we ended up with for the wedding (which was absolutely beautiful, by the way!):

I managed to convince the other two bridesmaids to reform their nail habits somewhat (both were chronic nailbiters), so I feel like I'm successfully spreading the nail love!


  1. I'm totally a homebody too :D I love going out and all, but spending a day at home to recover from going out is something I need haha.

    1. Oh yeah, definitely! A day of nail painting, candles, pyjamas, a nice long shower and sleep-in is my idea of a holiday!

  2. hello!:D thank you very much for this award!!!!! so sweeeeet!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  3. here is :D thank you sooo much:X please use the translator so u can understand what i've write.


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