Tuesday, 31 January 2012

NOTD: Oriental clouds and KonadiFAIL

I got some nasty tipwear and chipping on my CNY mani, so I decided it was a great time to try out Nailside's cloud design with ulta3 Black Satin and Lily White (no topcoat).

I think it looks awesome! But I was already a bit bored of the red and gold pattern, so off it went after about 12 hours, along with a few millimetres of nail.

I was super-impressed by the themed manis the Australian nail chicks were wearing for Australia Day: Pretty Purple Polish, Shatter Me Claire, The Polish Haven, Hooked, and an entire week of Aussie manis on More Nail Polish... sorry if I've forgotten yours but there were just so many!

I wasn't feeling so inspired, but the day before I was patriotic enough to buy Nail It! Hot Tropic, a light green polish from Sportsgirl with a very subtle blue-green colourshift shimmer that almost disappears on the nail :( It's still a very nice green creme and on sale for at $2.45, a steal. 3 layers + Seche Vite.

Then it was time for my konadifail.

BM-221 stamped using Sally Hansen Black Out, which really isn't that much better than ulta3 Black Satin for stamping. Same washed out colour and rapid drying/folding annoyances. The pattern was also really difficult to centre on the nail. From a distance it almost looks ok.

I tried using a mod block pattern from BM-203 on my right hand. This was a bit easier since centering wasn't an issue, but it was still pretty fail on the polish front. Not having the pattern square on the nail was also driving me nuts.

I took this off after 10 minutes, and am now ABSOLUTELY TRAUMATISED by patterns that need centering/orientating. I'm planning to leave them well alone for a few months... :(

What polishes would you recommend for stamping?


  1. I recommend the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polishes. They work really well.

    For my black stamping I use a $2 shop nail polish. I'm not sure what the brand is called. I came across the name on a blog once but I forgot to save the link.
    I've seen them in Hot Dollar. They have the letter e inside a circle for their logo.

    Keep practising stamping, you will get great results with nail polishes that stamp well. :)

    1. Thanks! I've heard good things about Insta-dri too... I think I know the cheapies you're talking about! Will try to get my hands on them. :)

      I'm also considering investing in some China Glaze polishes for stamping, I tried one last night and it turned out quite well!

    2. I've only tried the black cheapie one I can't vouch for the other colours.

      This is a list of stamping polishes - there are a few China Glaze's on there! http://sassestampingstampede.wordpress.com/polish/

    3. I'm guessing the cheapo polish with an "e" logo is Essence. They are surprisingly good! I found them at my local Ulta, but their selection has been pretty minimal lately.

    4. I found the post that has the nail polish I'm talking about: http://polishedpony.blogspot.com.au/2011/12/festive-nubbins.html

      Apparently it's called Easy Paris Cosmetics I still can't find any info online about it though.

    5. Omg. I want that green glitter yesterday. :O I'm definitely heading to Hot Dollar tonight!

      I caved and bought a white Konad stamping polish last night (the salewoman was soooo nice). I was reading the ingredients on the label, which made me think of adding various solvents to my other polishes to try to make them behave... will let you know how that goes!

    6. You should have no problems with the Konad stamping polish :)

      Good luck with making stamping polishes, I'm very interested to hear how it goes!

  2. They aren't that bad girl, dont be so hard on yourself :) It's just practice, like everything and a bit of patience thrown in too. You will get it!

    1. Aww, thanks for the encouragement! :)

  3. These look good - besides no one can tell from a distance! Don;t worry it just takes a bit of patience :) I remember when I first tried doing full nail patterns they turned out HORRIBLE! But then I found a comfortable way for me to situate my hands and they're much better!

    By the way, I've tagged you in the Nail Polish Tag. Check it out at http://passionforpolish.blogspot.com.au/

  4. Great polish pics! Thanks for sharing. I hate to be an idiot, but what's NOTD stand for? Nail of the day?

  5. My go to black for nail art/stamping is Wet n Wild Black Creme. It's thiiiiick! I've never had issues with it - it's a true black when stamped. And it's only 99 cents!


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