Friday, 30 December 2011

NOTD: Purple glitter gradient

Hello! I'm really loving glitter at the moment. Unfortunately my favourite no-guilt budget brand ulta3/NYC Color doesn't have any glitter with good coverage and varied glitter sizes so I've had to make do with using a couple glitters together to get interesting effects.

My sister's been obsessed with gradient nails, and I've caught the bug :) This is a gradient I made using 2 glitter polishes: NYC Color Sprinkles = ulta3 Confetti, which is mainly purple glitter with some blue and gold mixed in, and Libbee Silver Glitter, a really old polish (10+ years old!) that went all gloopy, but revived nicely after I added a few mLs of ethyl acetate and stood it upside down overnight. It's an approximately 1:1 mixture of normal silver glitter mixed with holographic particles - it gives a big holographic bang!

The 2 base layers are ulta3 Sweet Violet, a cool purple frost. I then painted 3/4 of the nail with Sprinkles, then 1/2 with Silver Glitter and finished off with 1/4 Sprinkles and Seche Vite.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Michelle. I tried this and my nails turned out AWESOME!!!


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