JORD Wood Watch Review


Today I’m reviewing a JORD wood watch. JORD is one of the many companies coming out with wooden watches now – apart from their obvious hipster appeal, they actually have a few advantages over metal and plastic. Firstly, they’re very lightweight, which is a big plus if you’re into chunky watches. They’re also not as…

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Fact-check: What’s to blame for the Mentality Nail Polish problems?


Welcome to every nail polish lover’s nightmare – nail disease. Wearers of Mentality Nail Polish have been waking up to this horror: Thanks to @dmm_nails for letting me use images of her poor nails! The technical term for this is onycholysis – when your nail detaches from the underlying nail bed. It’s painful, it’s inconvenient,…

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Schick Intuition shaver review


This is a product for super lazy people – Schick Intuition razors lather and shave in one go, in case you’re finding it too hard to put soap on yourself. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually a bit tricky to lather with soap, then shave your legs before the soap gets washed away….

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Fact-check: How does IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment Work?


If you’re in the nail world, you’d have heard of IBX, the nail strengthening treatment that’s been saving nails everywhere. How does it work, you ask? Here’s the science! What is IBX? IBX is a nail strengthening treatment described as “a penetrative, curable monomer system”, developed by Famous Name, a company headed by the ex-CEO…

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Lust Have It! and Violet Box July 2015


Here are July’s Lust Have It! and Violet Box subscription packages. I’m sad to say this is the last ever Violet Box review I’ll post, because they’re shutting down – they’ve been one of the most consistently good subscription boxes in Australia, so they’ll be missed! Both boxes were amazing this month. Lust Have It!…

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