How to Exfoliate 2: All About Chemical Exfoliants


Here’s Part 2 of this skincare series on exfoliation. Part 1 was on physical exfoliating tools and scrubs, this time we’re tackling the more complex chemical exfoliants, before moving onto picking the right exfoliation routine for your skin in Part 3. For a simpler overview, you can head to this exfoliation basics post. What’s exfoliation…

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It Cosmetics Blurred Lines Lipstick Swatches and Review


It Cosmetics has been featuring prominently in my makeup routine, with their yellow-toned Your Skin But Better CC+ cream and their easy-to-apply Bye Bye Redness concealer. I’ve recently added their new CC+ Blurred Lines Smooth-Fill Lipsticks to my rotation. There are 7 new shades available in Australia, 4 of which are creme and 3 which…

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Sunscreen Review: Biore, Jurlique, Elucent


These three facial sunscreens from Biore, Jurlique and Elucent have full ingredient lists. Yes you read that right – FULL INGREDIENT LISTS! My pet hate with Australian sunscreens is that even though you get decent UVA protection and they tell you the percentages of the active ingredients, they’re classified as medicines so a full ingredient…

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Lady Jayne Style Guards Review


I’ve been wearing ponytails for years, so I have an almost permanent “ponytail bump” when I take my hair out. Lady Jayne’s Style Guards are nifty ponytail holders made of a phone cord-like plastic spiral (“Flexi-Coil technology”), that promises to eliminate the ponytail bump. It didn’t quite get rid of the bump in my hair,…

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How to Exfoliate 1: All About Physical Exfoliants


Are you confused about how to choose the right exfoliation method for your skincare routine? This three-part series rounds up all the types of exfoliants for your face, with examples of products and their pros and cons! This post covers all the physical exfoliation options. Part 2 will be on chemical exfoliation, and Part 3…

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